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The AROV Organiation
Become Your Dreams
AROV Organization:
Our Story
            Our Philosophy
​      Our Mission
The AROV Future

   If one were to peruse all the rhetoric preached amongst politicians, businessmen and administrators about what the people of any country “need”, you’d likely find the vague term education bandied about throughout just about every speech. Propositions that education is the solution to all the ills, pains and problems of a society are quite prevalent. However, it is in the explication of what education “is” and what it “needs to do” that it begins to devolve from a solution into a mere buzz word.

The term “education” has become a red herring term: a throw-away word meant to get an audience affirmatively nodding, without the clamor for more depth or explanation. After all, who would disagree with the statement that “all of our children need better education.” 
The AROV Organization was berthed from this very lack of commitment and clarity. We also believe our children need better education, but not as it would be defined by those who tend to shout for it. AROV was founded by educators and the one constant our founders encountered in school after school, city after city, country after country, was the lack of practicality being offered to today’s youth. Vague promises that performance in school amounted to success in life never took on a finite shape. Middle school students are told they must do well so that they can get into a good high school. High school are told they must do well so that they can get into college. The education sector preaches a narrative to the youth that spouts the necessity of strong performance on exams. Yet it rarely addresses the validity of the curricula it demands them to master. The rest of us- whether we are parents, teachers, administrators, politicans or employers- never seem to discuss the lack or practicality inherent within most classrooms.

As students, most of us had that moment where we asked ​why we had to learn what we were learning. ​Whether it stemmed from a frustrated battle with calculus, a sleepy struggle with social studies or a confused perusal of Shakespeare, many youth, in schools worldwide, question the purpose of all the hours they spend in class. Furthermore, as those same students eventually graduate from the programs they were promised would prepare them for success, they find themselves lost in the shuffle amongst a lack of opportunity, murky paths to prominence, and poor alignment between skills and expectations. After all, what is the purpose of devoting nearly two decades of life to learning if, at the culmination of all one's studies, much of it fails to help people master their future or build success with autonomy, clarity and confidence?

AROV was created to mend the bridge between education and actualization. It provides the fundamentals necessary to take ownership over one’s goals and accomplishments. While modern education focuses on feeding an already existing workforce, AROV’s mission is to fuel initiative, creation and excellence. We believe in the internal connection between body, mind and spirit and the external connection between self, community and purpose. It is our mission that through the guidance of AROV, a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, philosophers and leaders- who may not have otherwise tapped into their own potential- will emerge as the architects of generations to come.

Dreaming and achieving are often mutually exclusive, despite their close ties. We seek to teach those who wish to learn how merge them the two. It is through these successes that a new perspective will be fashioned among the youth.

It is our belief that, as we continue to develop independence of thought and interdependence of action, we establish a community that defies the borders and affiliations that are too often used to marginalize and separate us as a people. As the AROV network expands, our students, students-turned-professionals, teachers, contributors and supporters collaborate to establish a social bond of global and communal support, creation, understanding and appreciation.

​It is together that the American Dream will redefine itself as the American Reality.